Duo Decem

Pontus Ahlbäck is a swedish guitarrist based in Stockholm. He started playing the guitar when he was 13 years old.

2 years later, he was accepted to Nordiska musikgymnasiet

in Stockholm. After higschool Pontus began studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for Prof. Peter Berlind Carlsson, for both bachelor and masters degree. Pontus has been chosen as finalist in several competitions, such as Jörgen Rörby Scholarship and Uppsala Young Talent Competition.


Viktoria is a swedish cellist born in Stockholm. She began playing the cello as a 5 year old. Later on she studied at Lilla Akademien musicshool for Elisabeth Lysell Bjaermqvist. After highschool she continued to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for Prof. Ola Karlsson. Viktoria has been awarded scholarships from institutions such as KMA and KMH, and she has performed as a soloist in orchestras such as SUSO and Eskilstuna Symphony orchestra.   

Pontus and Viktoria first met at the Royal College of Music back in 2013 when they started their studies in the same class. They both wanted to play in different constellations that were not particularily common, and since they both had a burning interest for eachothers instruments they soon after began performing together. After they realised that not much is written originally for cello and guitar, they began to arrange music for the instruments. A lot of questions came to their minds such as how people would react to pieces that weren´t written specifically for those instruments. But it seemes like it worked, since they now have been asked to come to stages around Sweden.